Saturday 12th May – Autumn Working Bee on Falls Creek Trails

Date – 12th May
Times – 9:00am – 4:00pm (1 hr for lunch BBQ provided by club)

Greetings Birkebeiners,

The last club working bee was an enormous success and enjoyed by the many that participated. The 2nd Working Bee is scheduled for Saturday 12th May (we won’t do Sunday 13th as previously stated as it is Mother’s Day, so don’t forget your paternal duties…)

Proposed jobs list for the two days:

  • Replace Nordic Bowl ski rack dowel with hooks
  • Horse-yards Hoppet storage shed
    • Storage shelving for Hoppet Drink Station water containers (there’s hundreds!)
    • Create race signage racks for improved deployment pre Hoppet by volunteers
    • New access door to be installed on eastern wall for improved access
    • Bracing of stumps
  • Re-locate 5 AGL pine poles on Aqueduct to uphill side of Aqueduct for improved groomer access
  • Clear snow gums – Aqueduct trail from BHP crossing to Horseyards
  • Clear culvert outlet on BHP Rd between RV Lookout and Dam Wall to prevent saturation of the ski trail
  • Brush Cutting
    • Aitkens
    • Pipeline Track to Aqueduct
    • Aqueduct to Windy Corner
  • Rock pick on Hoppet Start (Backhoe/Tipper -weather permitting)
  • FCRM to supply machinery (Backhoe/Tipper Truck) and hand tools as per previous Working Bees
  • PV to supply brush-cutting/chainsaw equipment and hand tools as per previous Working Bees

Also, it would be great if we could get some re-alignment and clearing done on Ropers if we have the opportunity.

Anyone keen to make a weekend of it can stay gratis at the Nelse Lodge at Bogong Village on the Saturday night.

Please bring your personal protective equipment (PPE). i.e. work gloves, safety glasses, sunscreen, clothing for all seasons, etc and any tools you feel may help with the above tasks. Rob Bolland is our professional carpenter and will supply tools to suit.

Please feel free to come up and help for a few hours or all day. It’s always fun, social and very productive.

Regards, Blair

Please RSVP  to Blair Hume – Email: or mobile: 0427 817 262 by Sunday 29th April and let him know how you think you can best help out.

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