Race Hut Policy


  1. The Facility
  • The two rooms of the old wooden section of the Race Hut are used to store equipment that is used to conduct cross-country ski races.
  • The lower room of the northerly section of the Race Hut is designated as the “Officials and Volunteers Room” where officials and volunteers can assemble, hold meetings, store clothing, and have lunch and morning/afternoon tea.
  • The upper room of the hut is designated as the “Timing and Broadcast Room” where races are timed and course broadcasts made.
  • A permanent sound system is housed in the upper room and two speakers are located on the outside of the “Timing and Broadcast Room”.
  • Security and Keys
  • The old southerly wooden section has two external doors facing the Nordic Bowl and are locked from the inside.
  • The metal-cladded hut has one external door that is locked from the outside.
  • There is a locked trapdoor between the lower and upper rooms of the hut.
  • The external padlock on the Race Hut, the padlock on the trapdoor, the padlock on the Skidoo shed and the padlock on the Hoppet Hut in the Horseyards are the same and can be opened with the same key 
  • A copy of that is kept in the BNSC Clubhouse, a second key on the Skidoo set of keys, a copy in the Hoppet Office, a copy with Parks Victoria and a copy #5 in the FCRM office
  • Use of the Race Hut facilities and equipment.
  • The Race Hut can be used on official BNSC activity days such as conducting XC ski races, events, junior activity days, club coaching days and on working bee days.
  • On approval from the BNSC Race Committee, the Race Hut can be used by other XC Ski Clubs to conduct other official XC ski races.
  • On approval from the BNSC Race Committee, the Race Hut can be used by both National and State XC Ski Teams on official training days/camps.
  • The Sound System.
  • The sound system can only be used during official XC Ski Race days, club events and on junior activity days and should not be used during coaching days, training sessions or for general background music.
  • Responsibility.  

The BNSC Committee is responsible for:

  • the general maintenance and upkeep of the facility,
  • the appointment of a “Race Hut Coordinator” and
  • to monitor and review the policy. 

Review date September 2025                                                                            BK  July 2022.