Junior Birkies

NOTEDue to the COVID-19 situation a Junior Birkie Program will not be conducted in 2020.

 Important SSA XC Committee information
No High-Fluoro Waxing Protocol
Club & State Level XC Races
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2019 Junior Birkie Coaching Sessions are for age 11-16 years (school year levels 5-9) who may be interested in some racing and is focused on skill development and fun with participation in some races (not compulsory though!). It is definitely not for beginners. Registration is required.

2019 On-Snow Program

Birkie juniors will meet in the Nordic Bowl every Saturday afternoon at 1:30 pm for 1 to  1.5 hours,

Registration is required:

Please click [HERE] to download a Word version of the registration form. Fill in and email to the secretary <secretary@birkebeiner.org.au>. Note — Registration Forms are available at the Clubhouse.

Also available is the Snow, Trek & Travel Wodonga — Mini Series which is a series of 4 fun races for all juniors including Junior Joeys and skiers of ALL abilities.  Note: Skiers in the Victorian Junior XC Ski Team are not eligible to enter the Mini-Series but they are invited to help out on the day! Click HERE for more details.

2019 Mini-Series events

  1. June – Sunday 23    11:00am  Snow, Trek & Travel Mini-Series #1 (C)0.5/1.5/2.5km FallsCreek
  2. July – Saturday 6     1:00pm   Snow, Trek & Travel Mini-Series #2 (F) 0.5/1.5/2.5km  FallsCreek
  3. August – Sunday 4  11:00 am Snow, Trek & Travel Mini-Series #3 (C)0.5/1.5/2.5km FallsCreek
  4. Sept – Saturday 7     11:00 am Snow, Trek & Travel Mini-Series #4 (F)0.5/1.5/2.5km FallsCreek
    Note: (C) = Classical style of XC Skiing and (F) = Freestyle (usually skating)

Mini-Series Race Brief – all you need to know. Click [HERE].

Contact — The secretary <secretary@birkebeiner.org.au>

2010/2011 Junior Birkie Development Camp photos

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Juniors of yesteryear (1983)

1983 Juniors including two Olympians – Jenny Smith (BNSC), Anthony Evans (WSC & three time Olympian), David Holman (TNSC), Drew Bantick (BNSC), Andrew Kromar (TNSC) & Paul Gray (BNSC & two time Olympian)