Usage rules

The Clubhouse is stocked with tea, coffee, and sugar.

There is a first aid kit downstairs if anyone requires one.

The Clubhouse was built by volunteers and is run by volunteers. No-one is paid to clean or remove rubbish.

Previously we had access to the rubbish bins at the FCRM Works Depot but we don’t have that access any more. Consequently can BNSC members please consider the following…..

  • After eating, please wipe down the table and clean and put away plates, cups, etc.
  • Please take home your personal rubbish.
  • Please take home soiled nappies for disposal at home.

If you are last to leave the Clubhouse, turn off the Nobo heater upstairs and all lights and make sure the door is locked.

Please notify Tony Keeble if we are running short of any supplies, if there are any breakages, or with suggestions to improve our Clubhouse facility.