Pre-Season Dinner (June)

2016 Report to come…

Report on Pre Season Casserole Dinner held 6th June 2015

The event was very well received, Thanks to BOEC, our MC Ronice, all the kitchen helpers, all the people who helped set up and packed away, and of course the great food supplied.

  1. Attendance:

100 people (approx 30 of them young people)

About 90% RSVP’d! Which was good

There may have been some confusion with the start time (6pm) as people were still arriving 45minutes after, which made the little kids wait longer for their dinner.

  1. Guest Speaker:

David Etheridge gave a 20 minute presentation “1 inch of powder on a mile of base” about his scientific expeditions to Antarctica and Greenland.

  1. Order of proceedings:

I think our order of proceedings went well. They were running late but were; 1. Welcome everyone, introduce the new committee and explain what the night had in store. 2. Main meal 3. Awards and presentations 4. Dessert 5. Guest speaker. We were packed up by 9.30pm. A childrens video was set up in the dining room while Davids presentation was on. Some gear was also sold at the second hand gear corner

Kerry Lucas
Social Secretary