Skier grants & subsidies

Each year the incoming committee will prepare an annual budget (1 May to 30 April). Within budget constraints in any one year, a sum of money (maximum amount) will be set aside for member grants/subsidies as outlined below in categories 1–5. The budget is to be prepared and ratified by the general committee no later than the first meeting following the AGM in May.

Grant Categories

1. National team member travel grant

Guidelines for funding:

  1. An applicant must have been a Birkebeiner Nordic Ski Club member (individual or family) for a minimum of three years.
  1. An applicant must be a member of a Snow Australia Cross Country Ski Team and actively engaged in an approved program that involves overseas travel.
  1. It is expected that recipients of the grant contribute to the life of BNSC.*
  1. Applicants must identify, represent, and compete as a BNSC member.
  1. The application must be accompanied by a financial statement that includes a trip budget outlining:

(a) anticipated expenses for full participation in the team.
(b) other sponsorship arrangements held, and
(c) other grants received by the applicant.

  1. BNSC grants will only be made if other levels of funding leave a significant shortfall.
  1. A maximum of $4000 will be allocated for national team member grants in any one year with a maximum of $1000 to anyone individual, regardless of the number of grant applications received.
  1. The grant is to be used for the purpose intended. Should circumstances change, the funds granted will be reimbursed to BNSC.
  1. Recipients of the grant are required to submit a report with two photos of the trip to BNSC committee. The report will then be published for members to read.
  1. Written applications must be received no later than the advertised closing date.
  1. These guidelines will be reviewed biennially by the committee or by a sub-committee appointed by the committee.
  1. In assessing the grant applications, the Committee has the discretion to waive one or more of the above guidelines if “exceptional circumstances” can be established

* Examples may include helping at working bees or around the clubhouse, coaching on the Junior Birkie Camp, making a presentation at a club event, mentoring juniors, running a waxing clinic, writing submissions, reviewing club policies, assisting with grant writing etc.

To download a Word version of the application form, click [HERE].

Email applications to The Secretary <> or post to BNSC (Grant Applications), PO Box 192 Mount Beauty 3699

*Applications must be received by the 8th of October. Late applications will not be considered.

July 2020

2. Coaching/Instructing/Officiating courses

Depending on the availability of funds, the club has always supported members who wish to improve their ski instruction, coaching or officiating (TD’s), by fully or partially paying for course fees.

If this applies to you, write a letter to the Secretary setting out what you intend to do and the costs involved.

In return, the club would like you to put in some time offering instruction or coaching to our members, or if it is a TD course, to act in that capacity or other officiating jobs for races that the club organises. A member can apply at any time.

3. Special Projects

  1. A proposal and budget are required.
  2. The project must be linked in some way to club aims e.g. racing, touring, coaching, instructing, search and rescue or general development and promotion of cross country skiing in Australia or internationally.
  3. A report is to be submitted to the general committee on the conclusion of the project and published in the ‘Bulletin’.
  4. Members can apply at any time.

4. Junior Program

  1. Available to the Junior Committee for the development of the Junior Joey and Birkie Programs.
  2. Committee to put forward a budget proposal as to how funds will be spent. For example skier clothing, coaching/instruction fees, accommodation at State and National Championships travel, race entry fees and training camp fees.
  3. A report on how and to whom the funds were allocated,  is to be submitted at the last committee meeting each year.
  4. Committee to apply and submit a budget by 31 March.