Overseas Coach Project

The club, through the initiative of Ronice Goebel, has since 2011 invited an overseas coach for the winter season to assist with club (junior & adult) and school coaching. The club and the Victorian Junior XC Ski Team fund the coaches airfare to Australia who are billeted with local club families. This project has also provided a fantastic cultural exchange opportunity and the basis for many new international friendships.

  • 2011 — Veronique Beenen (Canada)
  • 2012 — August Teague (USA)
  • 2013 — Victor Gustafsson (Sweden)
  • 2014  — Tom Smith (USA)
  • 2015 — Eric Stovall (Finland)
  • 2016 — Kristian Holmsen (Norway)
  • 2017 – Miles Havlick (USA)

Eric Stovall (Finland) — Feedback from my Australian experience. Click [HERE]