Life Members

  • 1986Paul & Helen L’Huillier
  • 1990Alex Chapman
  • 1999Jim Crebbin (right) with President Paul L’Huillier
  • 2005Chris Heberle (left) with Paul L’Huillier
  • 2007Allan Marsland (right) with Paul L’Huillier
  • 2007Bruce Vine (right) with Phil Evans (S & R co-ordinator)
  • 2009Phil Evans (left) with President Jim Gargan
  • 2009Brian Keeble (left) with President Jim Gargan
  • 2011Bill Little with President Helen L’Huillier
  • 2011Bob Flower with President Helen L’Huillier
  • 2017Ronice Goebel (right) with Vice President Michelle Forrer
  • 2018 Jim Gargan (right) with current life member Brian Keeble.

2024Finn Marsland (right) with Vice President Paul Gray