Roller skiing is great ski specific training and fun.  UNSAFE AND ANNOYING behaviour of roller skiers has been observed recently. This may not be locals, BUT as a reminder, here are some fundamental safety guidelines that when observed, will also demonstrate respect for the public and avoidance of HAZARDOUS behaviour. Whilst this is directed to people in the Kiewa and Ovens Valley, it is applicable everywhere.

It is the responsibility of the individual to roller ski in a safe manner. Due care and common sense must be exercised and surface and weather conditions assessed.


  • wear a helmet at all times
  • wear bright highly visible clothing or a HIGH VIS vestA flashing rear light is a plus (as on bikes)
  • avoid roller skiing at dusk, and do not ski in the dark
  • keep to the left hand side of the road, and when vehicles approach DOUBLE POLE  or use classic ski technique (to minimise the space you take up)
  • When traffic is coming in BOTH DIRECTIONS get off the road
  • Ski under control. If in doubt, walk down steep hills or intentionally fall before reaching an unsafe speed 
  • Do not wear ear phones, “ipods” or other electronic devices that may decrease your ability to hear and react to any situation 
  • When Dams Rd is used, the “Athletes Training Roller Ski Sign” should be visible
  • DO NOT ski on Kiewa Valley Highway
  • In general it is recognised that wheeled recreational devices are not to be used on roads with dividing lines or median strips, and that common sense must prevail. There are many roads falling within a theoretically acceptable definition that may be potentially hazardous, so once again, common sense and being mindful of drivers unfamiliar with this activity and form of training is vital.


The BNSC Roller Ski Policy will be available on the BNSC website shortly.

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