Club Weekend Working Bee Report

Last weekend (2/3 March 2018) the club conducted a working bee on the Falls Creek XC Trails and also around the Hoppet Horseyard Hut. This was done in conjunction with Falls Creek Resort Management (Geoff Sorenson) and Parks Victoria (Kevin Cosgriff).

Thanks to Blair Hume who co-ordinated the working bee with Geoff and Kevin and club members.

Saturday saw work being done to realign 18 snow poles in The Park area (the area skied once you reach the top of the ‘Paralyser‘ on Watchbed Creek Rd) leading to the start of the Heathy Spur Track. This will enable earlier grooming in lower snow conditions. The poles now follow the road instead of over the marsh and moss areas.

In the afternoon work involved clearing vegetation/trees to improve snowmobile access to the Hoppet Horseyard Hut. This hut houses Hoppet signage, fencing, barriers, podium, drink station water containers, ski trail markers etc. This will be of enormous help in the weeks leading up to race day.

Sunday saw the team continue with more clearing to improve access to the Horseyard Hut, some tree removal around the Hoppet start area and the placing of some snow poles in that area.

Working Bee #2 — Another working bee is planned for the weekend of 12-13 May 2018, meeting at the clubhouse at 10:30 am.  Please let  Blair know if you will be attending – by Wednesday 9th May 2018. 
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• Mobile: 0427 817 262

Jeanette McLaren & Jim Gargan showing off their culinary skills at the lunch BBQ.

Hoppet Horseyard Hut access from below. A new access track has been made from the BHP Rd above it.

Some serious work getting done at the Hoppet start. From left: Russ Bellingham, Jim Gargan & Karen Howe.

From left: Blair Hume, Jim Gargan, Paul L’Huillier & Karen Howe.

Members in attendance: Blair Hume, Jim Crebbin, Jeannette McLaren, Karen Howe, Jim Gargan, Russ Bellingham, Nick Wright and Paul L’Huillier.

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