BNSC/Falls Creek Working Bee – Sun 18th Jan 2015

Start Time — 9.00 am at Hoppet Office in Mt Beauty (for car-pooling) OR 10.00 am at the Nordic Bowl Race Hut at Falls Creek.

The Falls Creek Resort Management (FCRM) has agreed to undertake a total revamp of the cross country trail signage system at Falls Creek.  Geoff Sorensen has been appointed by FCRM to manage the project and has developed a timetable which should result in a high percentage of the system being in place before the start of the 2015 ski season.

The first stage of the project is to remove most of the existing signs, poles, fencing and gates and to reposition some poles in preparation for the new signs to be attached.

Working Bee Tasks

  1. Remove sign posts and signs that have/will become redundant.
  2. Remove some fencing, gates and posts at the entrance into the Nordic Bowl and in the horse yard area.
  3. Repositioning of some snow poles in preparation for the new signs.


  • Appropriate working cloths, footwear and gloves
  • Shovel and crowbar suitable for digging post holes.
  • Lunch and water bottle.


  • Geoff Sorensen will have access to some FCRM machinery which will help in the removal of the redundant posts.
  • I will bring my trailer which will help move posts around and to make a post stock pile for future use.


  • RSVP to Brian Keeble: Tel: (03) 5754 4910, Mob: 0409461489 or Email: by Thursday 15th January, 2015,
  • The more club volunteers we can muster the easier and quicker the job will be.
  • 8 to 10 volunteers would be great.
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