Club S & R Group – recent searches

The club’s Search & Rescue Group was formed in 1982 through the initiative of  life member Bruce Vine. Up until August 2010 it had been involved in 62 call-outs. Click [HERE] for more information.

Recently the group was called out twice to assist the Police in the search for lost  skiers and snowboarders on Mount Bogong. For details of searches follow the links below.

• 5-6 July ’14 — Lost skiers search click [HERE]
• 13-15 July ’14 — Lost snowboarders search click [HERE] 

Club members involved in the two searches at various times were: Ian Franzke (group co-ordinator), Bob Flower, David Panozzo, Rob Boland, Jarrod Paine, Marty Erickson, Roger Blackwell, Jeremy Rosewarne, Ian Arbuckle, Matt O’Keefe, Blair Hume and Alan Hodgson. Jim Gargan (Field Officer) and Bill Little (Police Liaison Officer) were involved in Control Centre activities in Mount Beauty. Thanks to all involved.

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