Registration Open – SSA Futures XC Sessions – 20-22 Sept. ’13 Falls Creek

To Register click this link — SSA Futures XC Registration

Program OverviewOn Snow – skate and classic technique and ski specific circuit training. A No Snow plan will include an introduction to rollerskiing and alternative dryland activities such as hillbounding, rogaine, ski specific fun “fitness games”.

The target group is developing skiers from grade 5 and 6 to year 9 NOT in the Vic Junior XC Ski Team. It may appeal to year 10 skiers if they are keen.

National team coaches and members will be providing coaching. The usual SSA format is “day camp”, but accommodation at YMCA Howmans Gap has been booked and will be made available at summer rates. Local families can travel up on the Saturday and Sunday.


Ronice Goebel
Manager Vic Junior XC Ski Team

Mobile: 0409 332 642
Email: <>

SSA Website Link to Futures Programs — Click HERE

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