Nordic Bowl Facilities Development & Other News

Back in 2016, the club was involved in discussions with Falls Creek Resort Management (FCRM) about future development options for the Nordic Bowl. The development would cater for both summer and winter users with facilities including toilets and changing rooms, public shelter, equipment storage and race office, along with a flat area for summer training and sporting activities.

Following this consultation process, FCRM put in the hard yards to flesh out the proposal and secure the necessary planning permits. Since then, the project has been sitting on the shelf ‘shovel ready’, waiting for a funding opportunity that would allow works to proceed.

Such an opportunity has just appeared in the form of the Victorian Government’s $68 million  Community Sports Infrastructure Stimulus Program to build and upgrade community sports facilities across the state and boost Victoria’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

As well as the requirement for projects to be ‘shovel ready’, the guidelines also state that “Priority will be given to projects that include a mix of other confirmed funding contributions from project beneficiaries. Projects with a mix of funding, including confirmed and appropriate financial contributions will be highly regarded”.

Last week our club received a request from FCRM to support the application. In light of the guideline regarding contributions from project beneficiaries, the committee has replied, not only offering a letter of support, but also a commitment to contribute $20,000 to the local funding contribution. With a further $30,000 commitment coming from the Hoppet, this makes a total commitment of $50,000 from the cross country ski community towards the 10% local financial contribution that is required. i.e. our $50 000 will be supported by $450, 000 in grant funds from the Victorian government. (Thanks to Allan Marsland for this summary).

Concept drawings & photographs (nothing set in stone). The cross country community will have the opportunity to provide input to the project if funding becomes available.

Club Beanies for sale

The club has a number of beanies for sale in the club colours of royal blue & white. If you would like to purchase one at the giveaway price of $8.00 please contact the secretary by email <>. To pay by direct credit, check out the club bank details on the website under Membership (reference it club beanie).

Pictured is the club’s three-time winter Olympian, Esther Leccardi,
proudly wearing club colours.

Club races and events

The committee have decided that no on-snow club races or events will be conducted this winter.

Clubhouse — 25th Anniversary of the opening

This is a milestone for the club. In June 2021 it will be 25 years since the clubhouse was opened and what a resource it has been for members. The club will have a function to celebrate the occasion. Watch this space… Click [HERE] to view the clubhouse history. Note: the clubhouse is closed and the door code changed due to the COVID-19 situation.

Falls Creek Resort Entry

Click [HERE] to find out what you need to know and do.

Brianna Oldis’ Profile

Young Achiever Brianna Oldis. Click [HERE] to view her profile.

Our First Winter Olympians – Oslo, Norway, 1952

In 1952, Australia had our first cross country skiers at a Winter Olympic Games. Both skiers have just been awarded the Snow Australia Medal. Click [HERE] to read all about them on the club’s website History page.

FIS Ban on the Use of Fluorinated Waxes

The message from the FIS is clear — ‘The use of fluorinated waxes in all FIS disciplines is not allowed anymore and we will start to control the ban with the start of the upcoming season 2020/21’. Click [HERE] to view the details.

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