2022 Olympic Team selected – Beijing China

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Bellingham & Wright – Congratulations

Club members Phillip Bellingham and Casey Wright selected in another Winter Olympic Games. This will be Phillips third Olympics having been selected for Sochi, Russia (2014) and PyeongChang, South Korea (2018). Only two other Australian cross country skiers have competed in three Oylmpics i.e. Anthony Evans and our own Esther Leccardi. Casey Wright also competed in PyeongChang, South Korea (2018).

Other Australians selected are:

  • Seve de Campo (Vic)
  • Jessica Yeaton (USA resident). Jessica also competed in PyeongChang, South Korea (2018).
  • Hugo Hinckfuss (NSW)
  • Lars Young Vik (Norway resident)

To read all about their selection and a profile of each skier click [HERE].

Support Staff

  • Valerio Leccardi (Australian Head Coach (Switzerland) & a Birkebeiner club member). Valerio now lives with his family in Australia, is a past Swiss Olympian and a four time winner of the Kangaroo Hoppet.
  • Finn Marsland (Manager/Wax Technician). This is the fifth Olympics that Finn has attended as a coach, manager and technician.
  • Paul Kovacs (Wax Technician). Paul is a past national team member and this will be his first Olympics.
  • Fabian Mauz (Head Wax Technician, Germany)
  • Toni Escher (Wax Technician, Germany)

Game dates & viewingFriday 4th to Sunday 20th February 2022. The Seven Network have the TV coverage and using their 7+App (that you can download – Apple iOS or Android) you can view events that may not be televised on Prime Time TV. It has a catch-up function for viewing when it suits you. Look along the bottom of the App. Also there is an official Beijing Olympics App called ‘Olympics’ that you can also download.

Past Club Olympians

Click [HERE] to view.

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