Autumn News

2019 Merino Muster (NZ) — Video

This video is 14 minutes long BUT the really good bit starts at 10 minutes so scroll the bar at the bottom of the video to access if you don’t wish to view all of it. Click [HERE] to view the video. It is an excellent presentation. Note — sound may be muted so look at the bottom right of the window to unmute.

Waiorau Nordic Sports Club — New Zealand

More NZ cross country skiing news. Click [HERE] to view.

Committee Meeting

The first committee meeting for 2020 is scheduled for Tuesday 21st April and for the first time will be an online ‘Virtual Roundtable Meeting. Many organisations are arranging this type of meeting because of the Coronavirus restrictions. Note — The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is on Tuesday 19th May 2020 at 7.30 pm.

Keeping it in the ‘Evans’ Family

From left: Carla, Zana & Anthony

Zana Evans (15 yrs) represented Australia at the 3rd Winter Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Lausanne, Switzerland. Click [HERE] to read the full story.

Snowmobile Maintenance

The club has owned the Bearcat snowmobile since 2011. To purchase it funds were contributed by the club, Hoppet and an Alpine Shire grant. It cost $15,000.00. Over this time Ian Franzke and Nick Wright have serviced and maintained it. Thank you both for that as the club could not function on-snow without it. At the end of last season, the club decided to give the Bearcat a complete service by the ‘experts’ and this was arranged by Nick for a very good price. Thanks, Nick. Hopefully, it will get some use this winter.

Snowmobile (purchased 2011) & Trailer (built-in 1981)

Australian Mountains Website

The Australian Mountains website is comprehensive and includes the history of huts & buildings (incl ski lodges), historical articles – 1. Timber Tramlines, 2. The Re-Discovery of Moroka Gorge, 3. Snowy Mountains Main Range Development, Walking Notes and Main Articles. The site is a work in progress and maintained by David Sisson. Well worth a look. Click [HERE] to view.

Details are also on the club’s website History Page at
<>. This page has a comprehensive history of Cross Country Skiing in Australia and skiing in general. Check it out!

Snow Active Fitness Program

Developed by Snow Australia, SnowActive has been designed to deliver a fun and interactive fitness program aimed at people of all ages and abilities.

Hosted by 2 x Olympian Sami Kennedy-Sim, SnowActive is a 30-minute strength and fitness workout you can do from home. With new sessions each week, this free and accessible training program is great for the whole family to remain active and ready for the snow.

New programs will be available each Tuesday at 8:00 am and are designed for 3–5 sessions per week of the same workout to help you progress through the complete 8 weeks SnowActive Program. Click [HERE] to access the video presentations.

SnowActive is perfect to help keep you active while you get through self-isolation restrictions at home.

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