2016 FIS Technical Delegate (TD) Seminar – Falls Creek 18-21 August

Image 2016-08-02 at 2.10.55 PMTue, 2 Aug 16This is sent to you as either an existing Technical Delegate (TD) or a prospective beginning TD. Both types of TD are required to undertake initial training and regular re-training at these seminars. 
FIS Technical Delegates are used to ensure that FIS races are organised and conducted within the FIS rules. This includes being on the race jury; overseeing that athletes, organisers and the public are all treated fairly; and upholding the race rules. More TD’s are needed in Australia.
The 2016 FIS TD seminar is confirmed for Falls Creek
  • Date: 18 – 21 August, with Australian Champs as the target practical work races for the seminar
  • Start: Thursday 18 Aug @ about 1 pm (afternoon)
  • Lead presenter: Allan Serrano (USA)
  • Cost: No charge to attend and participate in the seminar, including the practical work.
  • Venue: Falls Creek, exact place to be confirmed
  • Accommodation and travel:  Your own responsibility.

I encourage new TD’s to attend. There are personnel criteria in the FIS TD rules.  All people that I have spoken to and encouraged to attend would meet the criteria. New TD’s usually need to attend two seminars, with a period of gaining experience and exposure to TD work. The first seminar allows you to work as a National TD, at NON – FIS races, or as an assistant TD at FIS races. Once you have attended and meet the assessment criteria at the second seminar, you would then get accreditation as a FIS TD.

We need people working at both levels. With both cross country and biathlon requiring TD’s, there is plenty of TD work available.
Please let Andrew Walker know ASAP of your intentions to attend.
Mobile: 0407 072 152 or Email: <awalk347@gmail.com>
Existing FIS TDs should receive individual notification from FIS.
Andrew Walker
Skiing Australia XC – TD Co-ordinator 
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