2013/14 Membership & New Committee

Membership fees are the same as last year and have not changed for 10 years. They are due on 1st June and must be paid before 30th June. Early payment would be appreciated. Click this link to renew: 2013/14 Membership

At the AGM held on Wednesday 15th May the following people were elected to the committee:


  • President: Helen L’Huillier (third year)
  • Vice-president: Allan Marsland
  • Secretary: Trish Cross
  • Treasurer: Paul L’Huillier

Ordinary Members

  • Bill Little — Membershp Secretary & Bulletin Editor
  • Kerry Lucas —Social Secretary
  • Bob Flower — Kangaroo Hoppet Race Committee Chairman
  • Ian Franzke — Search & Rescue & Skidoo Co-ordinator
  • Ronice Goebel
  • Elaine Thomas
  • Jim Gargan
  • Tony Crapper
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