Organisation & Annual Reports

New members are invited to apply.

After completing an application form the club will endorse suitable applicants and their names will be put forward to Bush Search and Rescue Victoria.

What is needed to become a S&R volunteer on our call–out list?

  • Experienced walker/ skier/ camper
  • Skills in some of the following
    • First Aid
    • Radio communications
    • Navigation (map, compass & GPS)
  • Fitness/ ability to go all day (not flat out), carrying your own food and camping equipment.
  • Provisions and equipment to be self-sufficient for 3 days searching
  • Attend  S & R Training Sessions locally and/or organised by BSAR. Such as General training sessions and the Steep, Snow and Ice training weekend.

Our group is called out by Police and BSAR Officers.

The initial call is made to the designated club contact, who then calls out Birkebeiner  Search and Rescue members.

A search group may be made up of:

  • A group leader (experienced searcher)
  • A radio operator
  • A navigator/ GPS user
  • A minimum number of searchers

Club Field Officers (FO’s)

  • Ian Franzke
  • Warren Sanders

S&R Sub-Committee

  • Meets once a year if necessary to confirm contacts, search practices etc.
  • Four members needed for S&R subcommittee.

Club Contact Duties

  • Liaises with Police, Field Officers.
  • Calls out members if instructed to do so.
  • Maintains and updates the S&R membership database.
  • Forwards above list to BSAR Membership secretary.
  • Writes and forwards search reports to BSAR Convener.
  • Audits and stores S&R equipment.

If you are interested in joining our Search and Rescue Team, please contact Ian Franzke or Bill Little (see below) for more information.


  • Ian Franzke
  • Warren Sanders

Email: The Secretary <>

Search & Rescue Annual Reports