Ian Ryan Award

Some Background
In 2000 the Club decided to present a Club Award each year to a ‘Quiet Achiever’, ‘Best Club Person’ or the ‘Best Volunteer’. It was to be called the Ian Ryan Award in memory of Club member Ian Ryan who tragically died at the end of the 1999 Kangaroo Hoppet.

The award is to a Club member who has worked hard behind the scenes to make sure programs and activities are provided to other Club members.

Selection process — The previous two winners plus the President select the winner for the year – and keep it a secret.

Julie Ryan normally presents the award at the Club’s Annual Pre-Season Dinner in June.

Policy reviewed and ratified 20 October 2010

Note It is the wish of Julie Ryan and family that the Award is retired following the 2019 presentation. In 2021 the Club introduced the Birkie Award.